Welcome to the clubs latest news bulletin 

The directors have agreed that New Membership from 1st April 2021 till 31st March 2022 will be £10 for a full member, £2 for an Associate member & £1 for a Junior Member.

Those members who renewed in March 2020 or thereafter and paid £20 will be able to choose to attend a show of their choice paid for by the club either this year or next year. Any other suggestion from current members is most welcome in regards to current membership.
If you need any further information or have any suggestions for club meet up's or activities please contact John Coe the Chairman or myself.

Thank you for your continuing support.

Stay safe everyone.

Would you like to join the club committee?

No experience needed just the lots of enthusiasm, ideas and the love of Land Rovers.

Meetings are every other month on the 3rd Wednesday. At present there hasn't been any meeting due to covid.

We are looking at having the next committee meeting via Video link on Wednesday 15th April 2021 @ 19.30.

Please private message me, Sue Coe, Secretary or email me at secretary.bflrc@gmail.com

The club enjoyed a wonderful weekend at Grate Farm, Kendal camping and an enjoyable day of green laning where 3 groups ventured out for some off road driving.